Aloys Chen and Hao Qin Cherish the Opportunity to Play Together | Singapore Informer

(Beijing November 23, 2015) At the press conference for “Chongqing Hotpot” scheduled to be shown on April 1, 2016, its major cast members Aloys Chen, Baihe Bai, Hao Qin and Entai Yu showed up to have a hotpot together and they even fed one another intimately. Baihe complained that in this criminal farce she suffered most, being called “aunt” and “queen mother” every day. It was the first time for Aloys and Hao to work together but they felt like old friends. Aloys claimed himself a fan of Hao, and Hao praised Aloys as the “Asian man with No. 1 face value”. Hao revealed that he was moved by what Aloys once said, “We are both picky and may play only one or two movies in a year, so it is a serendipitous chance for us to meet.”

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