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With Google’s self-driving cars hitting the public streets of Palo Alto this summer , American’s are engaging with the concept of taking their hands off the wheel more than ever before.

And one study by the non-profit Eno Foundation showed that self-driving cars could potentially save more than 21,700 lives — not to mention $450 billion dollars a year. Even if some Google cars have been getting into accidents .

But would people actually be willing to give up their right to drive in favor of potentially-safer driverless vehicles?

In a  new poll  conducted by  the  Ferenstein Wire suggests a good chunk of Americans — 27% — would support laws restricting human drivers and favoring robot cars. 

A report from Business Insider Intelligence forecasts there will be 10 million self-driving cars on the road by 2020. And Barclay’s, U.S. predicts the rise of autonomous vehicles may cause the sale of new cars to plummet by up to 40% in the next 25 years.

Even with this market change on the horizon, 71% of those polled said they wouldn’t give up the driver’s seat, and would oppose any restrictions (only 1.6% said it would depend on the scope of the regulation). But they might not have a choice. The Verge reported that Tesla founder and avid…

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