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Every leader’s abilities are put to the test at some point in their career. How well they handle the ups and downs, the excitement and turmoil, proves whether they’re truly a great leader, or just another wannabe. 

For its most recent Influencers editorial package, titled “How I Lead,” LinkedIn asked some of the world’s most successful executives, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to share their best leadership secrets and “surefire management methods” for getting through the good times, and bad.

Over 50 thought leaders shared original posts revealing how they lead in times of turbulence or growth. 

Here’s what nine super-successful people had to say:

Richard Branson: Decisiveness is key.

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The Virgin Group founder writes: “One of the most important skills any leader can learn is when to be decisive, and when to take a step back and look at the wider picture before making the big calls.”

In times of turmoil, growth, or crisis, he says, there will be more decisions to be made and less time to make them. “There will also be an almost irresistible temptation to make these decisions as quickly as possible. A leader must be calm, confident in his choices, visible to his team and their customers, and in control of the situation.”  

Branson says a good leader never rushes in and jumps to rash conclusions before knowing all the facts — they delay judgment and first try to see the whole picture clearly. Then, he writes, they contemplate quietly.

“After looking at all the stats, speaking…

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