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by Rohini Samtani NOT satisfied with being the easiest place to do business, having an award-winning airport, and other accolades, Singapore wants to be the best – even in outer space. It wants to be a “regional hub” for the “space and satellite industry”, and the recent launch of six made-in-Singapore satellites last Wednesday has given a “significant boost” to the country’s efforts towards this goal, reported ST today. The satellites will orbit around the equator and gather data that will benefit countries in the equatorial region. Images of Singapore will now be captured once every 100 minutes, which will not only give more frequent images, and therefore more information, but will also give researchers here more control of this information. Reports from MSM however didn’t quite go into detail about how all this information would help everyday Singaporeans, so we came up with some suggestions of our own: 1. Real-time information about Singapore’s ‘unpredictable’ weather Singapore would now be able to track its own weather, that is, tell you even more accurately what temperature it’s going to be tomorrow, and when it’s going to rain. Nanyang Technological University (NTU), which already has four satellites in space, added three more on Wednesday to monitor tropical climate and test experimental satellite-based communication. Satellites are able to gather information on clouds, temperature, humidity, wind and sea surface temperature, and track the development of weather systems such as cyclones, thunderstorms, the monsoon rain belt and tropical cyclones. These images can…

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