Arrival to Earth

Missed the Jewel Light & Sound show? Watch it in comfort at full 4K resolution off your screens.


“Arrival to Earth” is inspired by the Earth’s relationship to the sun as a source of life.

In the beginning, the sun is extinguished by a mysterious energy and the battle to restore its power begins. Water is a transformative canvas for projection, evoking the forces of nature through movement and color.

The battling forces unfold in stages and are interwoven with moments of rest. These brief but peaceful interludes allow the audience to take in the monumental beauty of the 130-foot tall waterfall as streams of coloured light shimmer through.

As the projections from multiple sources cut through the central column of rain, the images offer the illusion of a three-dimensional space. The light that escapes the rain column casts the surrounding environment of Jewel with a dappled glow, transforming the whole space into a kaleidoscopic display.

The Rain Vortex's water, Jewel's iconic landscape, and its surrounding structure create an interplay between light and surface that breaks with the idea of the traditional screen.


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  1. Singapore Changi International Airport is the highest quality international airport!!!✈️

  2. Stephen 3.6 billion times cooler than Sydney airport

  3. Spectacular… WOW -can’t wait to be there

  4. Someday I will visit Singapore airport

  5. I hope to go back to Sg !!!


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