Brexit and the Effects on the Value of the Pound and the Euro

Ever since the UK voted to exit the
EU, there has been great volatility in the value of the pound and the euro. The
markets don’t like uncertainty and there has been nothing but this since the referendum

Once the UK finally leaves the EU, there
will then follow an “implementation period”, which is expected to last for a
period of 21 months following the exit. This period is essential to prevent an economic
fallout on both the UK and EU sides.

Some critics see this extension
period as a way to prolong the UK’s EU membership whilst going out negotiating
their own treaties and trade deals, which could be disadvantageous to the EU.
This was shown in a rally against the Euro of around 0.50% and the USD of 0.60%
when this agreement became public knowledge in March last year.

The Brexit process has and will
continue to present challenges to the British pound sterling. There are almost
certainly going to be more volatilities before the process is…

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