Singapore Airlines: Preparing For The Longest Commercial Flight – Singapore Video

Ultra Long-haul flights are slowly making a comeback, and Singapore Airlines will be relaunching their service from Changi to Newark International. The flight will cover more than 10,000nm and will take up to 18 hours. In this video we’ll discuss key areas on how the airline has steadily prepared for the big milestone.

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How Singapore Air Made Its Ultra-Long-Haul Route to New York Viable Again

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  1. Can't wait to film this Ultra Long-haul flight! 🙂

  2. Why is the area near the windows of the a350 painted black, it does look good tho

  3. Good info and a good video. Should you use litres instead of gallons?

  4. Airbus makes their cockpit windows so ugly they have to put that stupid raccoon paint job look around the windows. Looks terrible.

  5. Hope someone does a trip report!

  6. Nice to see this flight coming back. Won't likely ever be on it but having the economy option is an improvement in the offering.

  7. The flight isnt 10,000 nm. Its a little shorter. Its ,9,534 nm which the 787-9 can do if it was configured in the same way. Its just a was for airbus to commercialize the a350 ulr

  8. I almost got DVT just from hearing about this flight

  9. Great video as always, but doesn’t it fly over the Pacific Instead?

  10. I dont get it. They used to run this flight back in the early 2000s when I worked at EWR. They had some special all business class A-340. That thing used the entire runway to take off!


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