FLAVOURED DIRTY BREAD | Taste Testers | EP 54 – Singapore Video

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Dirty bread is the latest food hype to hit Singapore! Like its name suggests, you can expect your face and hands to get dirty, as you eat these messy buns dusted with flavoured powder.

In this episode of Taste Testers, our participants tried out four different flavours of dirty bread. Watch till the end to see which dirty bun satisfied their palates.

Here are the 4 flavoured dirty bread:
1. Swee Heng 1989 – Messy Chocolate
2. Duke Bakery – Messy Matcha
3. BreadTalk – Lemon white chocolate with lemon custard
4. Boufe Boutique Cafe – Salted egg yolk dirty bread

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Featuring (in order of appearance):
Wen Chuan – https://www.instagram.com/wenchiizzle
Xenia – https://www.instagran.com/hotcheekylace
Nicholas – https://www.instagram.com/nicholasyeam
Alison – https://www.instagram.com/alisonaliceally

Produced & Edited by:
Gwen Lee – https://www.instagram.com/gwenleee

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  1. i ate cleanly for the breadtalk one

  2. U know it’s not a good bun when u finish it cleanly

  3. whew was waiting for this eatbook never fails to cover the latest trends :)) also all my favourite people taste testing~~~

  4. I dare you to say jelat one more time

  5. Omg xenia transits from cute to hot in this video!! And that is from a female’s POV I know you guys have always found her hot ?

  6. Omg they look so adorable?

  7. The first time you eat a bread, you have an excuse to not hurry to wipe your mouth(or you whole face)?

  8. Mmm Xenia is soo dirrrttyyy..

  9. im broke for that HAHAHHA

  10. Is it bad that I ate these very cleanly xD

  11. KEONG SAIK BAKERY has the best

  12. I bought BreadTalk chocolate one and I hate it so much man. It was like a tasteless version of cream puff without cream and too much powder on top so the top half of ur mouth/teeth just Super dry. But after watching this, MAYBE I’ll give messy bun another try!

  13. I notice alison doesn’t look nicholas in the eyes when they are talking at the end

  14. jiayou gwen! need to improve a little on the transitions!

  15. •>• isn't it messy bread

  16. Idk why but online recipe look damn nice but these ermmmm just it's better to make yourself.

  17. I went to Taiwan and ate the authentic one, it was so so so good. And very huge. Larger than my face. :’)

  18. Does anyone else think that Nicholas is so hot?! Or am I the only one? ???

  19. 0:43 that's me whenever I see food.

  20. 3:13 ALISONNNNNN I kept replaying it she’s so cute when i see her in the thumbnail i click HAHAH

  21. Xenia eats like a little baby!!! Shes so lovable


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