Singapore Street Food 2017 || Where to go in Singapore || Historical Bar Street in centre Singapore – Singapore Video

Singapore Street Food 2017 || Where to go in Singapore || Historical Bar Street in centre Singapore


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The idea of going to Singapore and Bali appeared unexpectedly. Initially, those dates were going to go on the West coast of the United States. But, unfortunately, no company have enough, and we decided to change the direction of our journey in the opposite direction and fly finally to Singapore, well, since we imagined that Singapore is more of a industrial vacation, and a vacation all the same does not happen so often, wanted to combine the trip with a more relaxed vacation, so after Singapore decided to visit the island of Bali. Initially we planned to take the tickets of “Transaero” for my many points, the airline promoted that they do these flights in conjunction with Singapore Airlines. It turned out that all not absolutely so)). The flight was done by Singaporeans, though implemented through Transaero. For the points to buy tickets for these flights was impossible. The prices was also very funny. Transaero selling tickets for 43-45 T. R., on the website of Singaporeans the same ticket cost 35 T. R. Good fat on the ignorance of foreign languages)). Seeing what kind of state of Affairs at Skyscanner, I found that the beautiful Emirates sell tickets for our dates 25 Tr, with change, of course, in Dubai. I have long wanted to fly with Emirates, so I was quite pleased with the prospect to buy fairly cheap tickets of this airline. Plus we can further look at Dubai, where I was not. As a result, I bought tickets with the eleventh-hour stopover in Dubai on the way back. For the flight Singapore-Denpasar-Singapore I chose a different airline, but decided to fly one of the discount stores, either Air Asia or Tiger, in the end, given that the price was about the same, and the Tiger was a better schedule, bought tickets Singapore discounter Tiger. The ticket cost approximately USD 230. The fact that in Singapore and Dubai need a visa, frankly, I was surprised. However, it appeared that they are issued quite simple, though not free)). Visa to Singapore I did using one of the companies advertised on the forum for 42, think of the dollar. Just sent copies of passports and money of the company, the day the visa was ready. To Dubai made Emirates, it cost about $ 60.


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