15 Things NOT to Do in Singapore – Singapore Video

Singapore is considered a contemporary, commercial, cosmopolitan city-state
However, in this former British colony there are a few rules, taboos and quirks you should be aware of so as not to offend anyone
Here are 15 things NOT to do in Singapore

1. Don’t Chew Gum – Unless you Have Prescription

You can be fined $500 if you chew and drop gum, but an exception is made for “therapeutic purposes” with a prescription.

2. Remember to Flush

“Anal” culture? If you do your doody in a public washroom without flushing the evidence, you can be fined $150!

3. No Nakedness, Even in Private

Parading around in your birthday suit, even in your own home, is akin to pornography. It can result in a fine up to $2000.

4. Don’t Litter

Littering can result in a $1000 fine. You might think that’s rubbish, but don’t trash the place and you won’t have to worry.

5. Don’t Show Feet

Many Asians think of feet as dirty. It’s considered offensive to point with toes or show the bottoms of your feet.

6. Don’t Discuss Religion

Discuss topics like religion, and you could be considered offensive. It’s best to avoid hot button discussions unless you keep your cool.

7. Don’t Take Taxis

Why take a taxi when the public transportation system in Singapore is one of the best in the world? The MRT (mass rapid transit) system is fast and comfortable.

8. Don’t Snack on the MRT

Singapore’s MRT has been a “no eating or drinking” zone since 1987. Fines can be up to $500 for daring to bite!

9. Unsecured WiFi

Check the “auto-discovery” setting is turned off in Singapore. Tapping into an unsecured WiFi network is a crime almost akin to hacking.

10. Don’t Tip

In Singapore, tipping is not a standard practice, so no need to leave some extra coins for your waiter.

11. Don’t Give Gifts Without Research

Don’t wrap a gift in white, as that symbolizes mourning, or present a gift with your left hand. Furthermore, it’s common to refuse a gift not once, twice, but three times before accepting it!

12. Don’t Smoke in Public

Public smoking is prohibited. There are some designated places where you are permitted to puff, but there’s a $200 fine if you mess up.

13. No Graffiti

Spray painting on a wall, or carving a name in a bench could result in a public caning. This city occasionally sentences offenders to punishment for acts of vandalism.

14. No Drugs – Even Before You Arrive

You can get into trouble for having drugs in your system when arriving in Singapore, even if you ingested them before you stepped foot in the country.

15. Don’t Finger Point

In Singapore, pointing an index finger at someone is perceived as rude, so keep your digits to yourself and you won’t make waves!

Heard of any others?


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  1. This video is very misleading…

    you can chew gum, just that you can't buy it off the shelf. Pointing with feet or fingers is totally fine. Discussing religion, ethnicity and culture is, but insults would land you in court.

    The one thing that would probably piss of visitors, protesting… you can't openly protest/hold a rally without a permit.

  2. Sounds like communist country

  3. This channel is high on druga for sure

  4. so Singapore is kind of a dictatorship if it doesn't allow freedom of speech ?

  5. Are you suppose to shower in your home in Singapore?

  6. Don't spit is one I have heard of.

  7. I agree about rule 12 and 14

  8. Yep, I got the message loud and clear. Stay the f'out of teeny tiny Singapore with it's expensive prices, overly strict rules, and very little room.

  9. ahh com eon ive been there what we do everywhere is what we have to do in Singapore.why do we want to litter in our own country when there are bins everywhere.

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  11. The last for us Italians it's the most difficult rule to follow, we use hand to speak or indicate something ??

  12. As a Singaporean, this video is so damn misleading.

  13. This video is so misleading it should be taken down.

  14. some rules are pretty stupid….

  15. ok now that i live in singapore i wanna move

  16. that's why Singapore goes up and never goes down, but its good island to make money very robotic life

  17. not show U feet.?R u serious.?

  18. i know one dont buy the overly exspensive cars ike a handa priece is 154 k us dollars

  19. Seriously doe, am i dead? Is this heaven? Fucking hell balz it so medicore. Wheres the manager?

  20. singapure its a shity country wtf

  21. it is not that you cannot chew gum but you cannot SELL GUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I have nine Singaporean laws on one of my magnets.

    1.No Chewing gum. Fine:$1000
    2.No Taking A Piss in the lifts. Fine:$500
    3.No Spitting. Fine:$1000
    4.No Smoking. Fine:$1000
    5.No Feeding of Monkeys. Fine:$250
    6.No Pets or animals. Fine:$500
    7.No littering. Fine:$500
    8.No durians. Fine:$500
    9.No Fishing. Fine:$250

  23. I'm a Singaporean watching this and half of this is not true -.-

  24. Most of these are….lets say half true and not.

  25. I believe jay walking, crossing road anywhere except a designated crossing area also results in a fine.


  27. 16. Do not bring Durian in public transport and hotel room.

  28. Singapore is a FINE city 😉 15 ?!? at least 100

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  30. Graffiti exist in Singapore. Somerset Skate Park is a graffiti tolerant place!

  31. These are pretty hefty fines

  32. Don't point with your index finger instead point with your thumb finger to do that make a fist but rest ur thumb on your index finger and then point with ur thumb done

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  34. The MRT kinda sucks. If you can't afford a taxi then do it, but if your are just there on business or vacation stay away from MRT, you end up wasting a lot of time walking long stretches. I've timed it serval times and it takes at least double the time.

  35. The video has some bit wrong! You can show your feet, showing feet is not offensive to Chinese!

  36. So don't screw up unless you want to pay a fine.

  37. Most of this is bullshit because i'm singaporean ?

  38. 16 : don't FART. 17 : don't SHIT. 18 : don't FUCK. 19 : don't KISS. and 20 : don't even BREATHE

  39. Lol most of the tips are false…

  40. 5,6,7,8 u fucking LIAR WTF IN HOUSE CANT NAKED? LIAR GO DIE


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