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Singapore vs Malaysia: AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 Highlights – Singapore Video

Singapore 1-3 Malaysia: Two dramatic late goals from Safiq Rahim & Indra Putra sent Malaysia into the Semi Finals of the AFF Suzuki Cup at the expense of riv…

Some local news is curated - Original might have been posted at a different date/ time! Click the source link for details.

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  1. see you Malaysia in final round
    from Thailand 

  2. As a Malaysian, I want to apologize to Singaporeans on behalf of all the
    racists and xenophobes that you see in the comment section. They do this to
    Indonesians as well. 

  3. Kpd sume singaporean u all should realize that nothing about singapore can
    be proud.,ur mthr lngge singlish but anthem in malay,,talking about food
    also nothig is ur’s bcoz all are came from tanah melayu not ur own
    make..sama laa dgn bola sepak singapore beli outsider bring home then chop
    made in singapore..there is nothing about singapore originality can be
    proud now and forever..lastly just remember that bcoz of Tanah Melayu
    Leader singapore are not singapore u see today..

  4. Mr. Joe hart i am a malaysian . Its ok for Malaysia to loose Singapore,
    from currency exchange,broken english and also what ever u written in your
    comment. But as a malaysian myself, the difference between Malaysia and
    Singapore is , 1.Singapore is willing to spend money on buying imported
    players and win the cup. Is like buying the cup back to Singapore . 2ndly .
    they buy the ref by injuring all malaysian players and the ref always did
    not see anything. then when a singaporean dives for a penalty , kick
    malaysia players in the penalty box every single stuff is in Singapore
    side. But when the game is in fair play mode, i mean Singapore with
    singaporean players , they lost to Malaysia. I am not insulting Singaporean
    , but as a malaysian i feel sick if a Singaporean told me that their
    country is better from this that. Of course we malaysian loves to have
    Singaporeans expertised but Malaysia, is malaysia, Singapore is singapore.
    There is nothing to look down on others or look high on others. Its all
    about respecting others. 

  5. “Singapore without foreigner player is nothing”

    – Zinedine Zidane

  6. menang, kalah, adat permainan. tak kan pasal satu game ni kita bertekak?
    sampai bila nak game? sudah la. All the best to malaysia, hope to see u all
    in the final. to my fellow singaporeans, steady la. kalo nak marah, marah
    kat coach kita tu atau FAS. nama je champions of SEA tapi bila main
    friendly je, lawan team seperti laos or cambodia. lawan la jepun ke, korea,
    arab saudi ke..baru lah kita bleh blajar dari kesilapan kita. Salam smua.

  7. To be honest, if both countries could actually compete at the top flight,
    this match would actually hold some significance, instead of sparking this
    argument over which country is better and which team is better. The bottom
    line is both countries suck at football. And despite Malaysia having played
    better overall, it was still down to the referee having misjudged that
    penalty which lead to the goal. If people can actually defend the referee
    for making the “right” decision then you probably know nothing about
    football and are just the biased fan you assume not to be. Using a football
    match to represent the status of the whole country is absurd. And for those
    who claim Malaysia is better and vice versa, there is no definite answer as
    many factors are being put into account. Any idiot knows that. People are
    just too short sighted to see that which would have prevented such a
    ridiculous argument in the first place. Exercise and be happy! :)

  8. As a Singaporean, this is such an utter disgrace, complete waste of time
    and resources, even a lowly Malaysia team can beat us, total rubbish.

  9. Congratulations to Malaysia for going through to the Semi. Win or lose is
    part of a game. Most of the Singapore players are from under 23 and they
    have to work harder next time. Getting bronze medal for the S.E.A games is
    a good start for the Singapore team. Try harder for the next AFF Suzuki
    cup. Pada Malaysia,janganlah mencaci hamun sebab ia akan menjejas reputasi
    sebagai negara Islam. Menang,kalah adat permainan. Assalamualaikum. Peace
    to be upon you from SG

  10. Malaysia deserved to win.They attack and control the match the entire time!
    Singapore seems afraid and hesitant.The best team won at the end.Syabas
    Malaysia !

  11. Padan muka singapore

  12. keeper…..awk kat mana?, awk, awk kat mana?…..awk kat mana? awk, awk,
    kat mana?

  13. Singapore played like their Singapore League college teams. Their national
    team is marginally above Tampines or Jurong. What a complete waste of money
    on the new stadium.

  14. I have to comment on the spirits of the handful malaysian fans. they
    actually covered the whole stadium thru their cheers and singings. thats
    one thing which sg fans couldnt do it, couldnt overcome it. respect for
    that. And thru those hammering cheers, it freaked out that kuniang
    linesman(bloodybechfark) to actually raise his flag and points to penalty.
    frankly it wasnt a penalty and it was a bad call. inexperience refeering.
    not being sore cuz sg loses. but a fact is a fact. and sadly in football,
    whats decided cannot be undone. the ref and linesman admitted to calling
    the penalty was a bad call..try if i were to kill their family and then say
    “i apologize. i shouldnt have shot ur wife and kids.”…….zzzzzzzz..would
    things change? fark the officials. lets see how far malaysia will go in the
    upcoming stages. #peacenowar #SgLions


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